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PrintTech – Plugins For Online Stores
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Get PrintTech – Your tech solution for print on demand and inventory management! Sell personalized products with just a few clicks. Our new push-button integration makes the process seamless. Connect your Etsy/Amazon/Shopify shop, upload your design, and edit your description. We'll handle the rest. 

How PrintTech Works?

  • You upload to PrintTech
  • We print for you
  • We pack for you
  • We ship for you
  • We'll help you provide customer support
  • You profit!

How To Get Started?

  1. Login to Your PrintTech Account
  2. Select a product from the PrintTech catalog
  3. Add your design to the PrintTech product
  4. Add your price and any other information you want in your listing
  5. Push the product listing to your Etsy shop with one button click
  6. Find the Product item in your Etsy/Amazon/Shopify store, finalize and publish and publish it to make it live in your Etsy/Amazon/Shopify shop.
  7. We help you provide excellent customer service
  8. That's it….

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click on the above “CLICK TO REDEEM” button and it’ll taken you to the Product page.

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