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StrategyQuant Quant Analyzer Pro is an advanced tool to analyze your trading or backtest results, find weak points and possible improvements, optimize position sizing, portfolios and much more.

Quant Analyzer Pro Basic Features.

1. Load reports from various platforms:

Quant Analyzer Pro loads reports from various platforms like: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Myfxbook, FX Blue, cTrader, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and many more.

2. Advanced Statistics:

Stats like Sharpe Ratio, Return/Drawdown ratio, AHPR, Z-Score, Deviation, Expectancy.

3. Stagnation:

Computes how long your strategy stagnates without growing profit.

4. Average Profits:

Computes CAGR and average profits by day, month and year, in money, pips or %.

5. Monthly Performance Table:

Strategy performance broken down to every single month of every traded year.

6. Performance By Day Of Week or Hour:

Find out which days of week and hours are most profitable for your strategy.

7. Switch Between Pips/Money/PCT Value:

Switching between profit in pips , profit in money or profit in percent can give you a different point of view on your EA.

8. Portfolio Report:

Combine multiple strategy backtests into one portfolio report or analyze results of your whole portfolio.

9. Drawdown Chart:

Displays chart of drawdown together with equity.

10. Portfolio Correlation Analysis:

Displays correlation and overlapping trades between different strategies/symbols in your portfolio.

11. Separate Stats And Charts For Long vs Short:

You can display results or charts separately for long o short side, immediately seeing the equity of each direction.

12. Over 20 Different Performance Charts:

Trades by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month, Year. Profit/Loss by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month, Year. Long vs Short Trades, Long vs Short Profit. Wins/Losses by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month. Wins/Losses Profits by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month.

How to use Quant Analyzer Pro?

Quant Analyzer is a Windows program (.exe) that you can download and install on your computer. The usage is simple:

  1. In your trading platform save your backtest or trading history to a report file.
  2. Start Quant Analyzer and load the strategy report to the program.

Quant Analyzer will go through the list of trades and generate its own report with advanced statistics. You can save your new Quant Analyzer report to a HTML format too.

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